Remember a time when you took an Arabic course and felt overwhelmed?

Or you badly wanted to take and continue an Arabic course but just couldn’t due to lack of motivation?

Part of learning a language  successfully is that in addition to being motivated to start learning, one also needs to be motivated enough to remain steadfast upon learning.

Here’s where we at Arabic Untangled aim to untangle the knots for you!


You are from the ‘busy people’ if you are:

‘Fundamentals of Arabic I’ is a course carefully designed for anyone who is looking to take their relationship with the Qur’ān to the next level.


Course Objectives

The objectives of this course can be summarised as the following:

This course is not designed to teach conversational or writing skills


Course Content

This course will cover a wide array of topics such as:


Skills Acquired

At the end of the course, the student would have, in shā’ Allāh, acquired the following skills:


Why take Fundamentals of Arabic with Arabic Untangled?



Note: this course is offered for both brothers and sisters.

Class Details:

When: Every Saturday, 9am-11am starting from 13th January, 2018

Where: Social Sciences 006 (SS 006), University of Calgary

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