Course Topics
The following table states the topics we will be covering in shā’ Allāh


  1. Introduction to the Arabic Language and its History
    • History of the Arabs
    • Evolution of the Arabic Language
  2. Properties of the Ism:
    • Grammatical States
    • Gender
    • Plurality
    • Definiteness
  3. Pronouns
    • Personal Pronouns (هو, هي)
    • Demonstrative Pronouns (هذا , هذه)
    • Relative Pronouns (الذي, الذين)
  4. Phrases
    1. The Associative Phrase (ex: رسول الله i.e. Messenger OF Allah)
    2. The Descriptive Phrase (ex: المسجد الحرام  i.e. The Sanctified Mosque)

Course Materials
Each student shall receive a course textbook in their class  in shā’ Allāh.

Practice Questions
The book provided will have plenty of practice questions for the student. This will in addition to practice provided in the classroom during instruction.

Office Hours
Plenty of opportunities will be provided to student to ask and learn in and out of the class. 

Students will be routinely assessed to ensure smooth yet a meaningful learning process. There will be planned quizzes and final exam. These will be designed not necessarily to “test” the students but to enhance and support their learning.

Group work will be heavily encouraged and student peer evaluation will be fundamental to the educational process.